About Me

Hello there, I’m Kerry, but you more than likely know this from landing on my website. No one just lands on the About Page right!

A little more about me, without boring you to death of course…I grew up in the country, my parents were very hard working, in and out of business throughout my childhood, I learnt at a young age, all about business and the time and effort required behind the scenes.

This childhood was amazing, having business owner parents, being around their business conversations and being exposed was simply the best upringing I could have ever hoped for.

Another interesting aspect to this, although I was well exposed, I was very young when I started my first business, at just 21 in fact, I still made SO many mistakes, I hit so many roadblocks.

I was very lucky though, I could call on my parents to help me and guide me through tough decisions and really sticky moments.

I look back now and I realise, this was my tribe, this was seriously, my supporter network, and lucky for me this was my closest family as well.

My favourite things are Podcasting & Latte’s

“Bringing my business mind perspective to those in or looking to start a business”

Are you ready to transform your

business numbers?