In January 2021, I was invited to join the Clubhouse app. I confess I hesitated for a couple of weeks and then on the 18th of January, I decided to go and check it out and it was nothing short of amazing!

I really thought at the time I didn’t need another distraction, another shiny thing in my life, let alone another social platform.

On my second day in Clubhouse I spotted someone and I heard them speak and I was intrigued further, I wanted to learn more about this person.

A couple of days later, after being in the same rooms together and both of us ‘scoping’ each other out, Ellie D and I connected offline and started to chat out of the Clubhouse platform.

This, unknown to the both of us, blossomed into an amazing friendship. Two random chicks on a new platform, discovered quickly, how similar they were and how their core beliefs and values were instantly aligned.

And although we are states apart, we feel like we are true neighbours, and also perhaps sisters in a former life!

Since connecting with Ellie, we have done SO many amazing things together. We are now accountability partners, we chat most days and help each other. This is saving us both a lot of money in getting help with our little hurdles in business and also chatting about life hacks. 

We share what we are doing in our ventures, we soundboard off each other and get each others advice on many things and sometimes even just saying things out loud, helps us answer our own questions.

Still discovering all things about each other, we often have a conversation and find that we share another love of something or another like-minded belief – it’s been amazing to find someone else in the world that shares so many values, face plant moments and having fun conversations as well.

Another amazing family I have discovered from Clubhouse is the RTP (Real Talk Podcasting) gang. This was another space that naturally became a home away from home connection. Originally it wasn’t called RTP and was just three guys turning up, three times a day with rooms about podcasting. It was the perfect fit for me, having just joined an audio platform, being a podcaster, and having discussions about podcasting, this was a no brainer. 

I was hooked! I tried to catch all three rooms each day, even if I was only listening. The amount of valuable insights, hints, tips, advice and hacks these guys were sharing, blew my mind. And I have to add, it is the perfect team, each of them have a wealth of knowledge in their own aspects of podcasting, but also understanding of each other’s areas of expertise.

From the RTP group and their rooms, and as they introduced the team, I then met Amanda, their MC of the Podcast Morning Chat room. Amanda grabbed my attention with the way she held the room, controlled the stage and kept the conversation going so naturally.

The RTP family, and I really mean family, has grown, with SO many amazing people now part of the team and part of the community, it really has become my ‘go to’ place on Clubhouse.

An interesting friendship has also developed from the RTP family. After many occurrences of being in the RTP rooms, Amanda, Stacy and myself have connected offline and we are planning to record a podcast together for Stacy’s show.

I confess, Stacy and I didn’t warm straight away. We had DM’ed a couple of times on the back of room conversations, but our friendship hadn’t began and it’s funny, because we both now question why. We can only put this down to, not fully getting to know each other until the time was right. 

With this amazing trio now together offline, the friendship has blossomed all round and I am certain there will be many future conversations happening!

I have found my Clubhouse journey interesting to say the least. We won’t gel with everyone and of course, just like life, having such an arrangement of personalities, I always remind myself, if all humans were the same the world would be SO boring.

Having found so many amazing people on Clubhouse has reminded me also that there are other humans in the world that are lovely and caring like myself. I think, especially in the last 12 months of the COVID pandemic, the media has shared so many stories across the world and much of it demonstrates bad people doing bad things. To arrive on Clubhouse and find genuine people and make amazing connections has restored my faith in the human race.

It has also given me global opportunities, to connect with people I would never have met, and spark new friendships that have evolved so quickly and organically is just such an amazing experience that I am truly grateful for. 

If you are reading this blog post and you would also like to connect with people internationally, please reach out to me, I have had invites available for Clubhouse and hopefully when we connect I will have one available for you! 

You can also join me on Clubhouse and also join the BizNation club, I’d love to see you there!



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