Chris Vaglio joins me for this episode with his journey of business experience from Music & Video to become a Brand Coach and finding his passion to help others.

Chris shares his highs and lows and how having fun in business was amazing with some flip light bulb moments and signs from the universe for the time to make a change.

Chris Vaglio is the CEO of Rock It Growth Agency. He’s a personal branding coach that helps creative business owners build a ROCK STAR brand so they can get noticed, feel confident, and bring in more clients. 

He was the co-founder and co-owner of Grey Sky Films, a video production agency that he started back in 2000 and grew into a 7 figure company and then successfully exited in 2020. Chris has over 20 + years of experience working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies and marketing & advertising agencies. 

He’s the host of the “ROCK IT LIVE” streaming show and podcast and co-host of the Galaxy of Geeks Podcast. 

He has a Bachelor of Communication from William Paterson University and is the proud father of two beautiful daughters and husband to his amazingly supportive and patient wife. 

His Boston Terrier, Milo, keeps him smiling and laughing all day long. He’s a certified Star Wars nerd, Whiskey Drinker, and listens to as much hard rock, metal, punk, and hardcore music as possible.

Top 3 highlights of Chris’s career:

•    Starting and owning a video production agency for over 20 years and growing it to 7 figures
•    Producing an award-winning comedy short film called “The White Spruce”
•    Traveling to Italy, Spain, and Amsterdam to produce videos

Fun Fact #1 – Chris is a huge Star Wars nerd and has a Star Wars sleeve tattoo
Fun Fact #2 – He plays guitar in parody Hardcore/Punk Holiday Band called Antler Wound – we have a charity 7” record we released in 2019.
Fun Fact #3 – Chris used to be a college radio DJ 

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How can you find Chris:

Website – www.rockitgrowthagency.com

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Rock It Live – Tuesday 4 pm EST on LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube Channel

Galaxy of Geeks – Thursday 6 pm EST Facebook & YouTube Channel

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