Today’s guest is Angel Lovecchio, the host of the Curious Idealist Podcast.

Join me as we learn more about Angel and how she is looking to help business owners on their journey.

0:46 – Introduction

Joining us for today’s episode is Angel Lovecchio from the Curious Idealist Podcast

Angel and I met on Clubhouse and have gotten to know each other through social audio conversation. This episode was well overdue and an amazing dive into Angel’s world.

3:03 – Leadership

A sponge of leaders in the workplace and finding out what worked and what didn’t work.

7:47 – Writing & Research

Angel deep dives into many pieces of information as her curiosity does get the better of her, she really needs to dive into the rabbit hole of her research and create amazing content from what she discovers.

10:37 – Small Business Background

Angel shares with us about her Dad and how much he has impacted her upbringing and what an amazing hero he has been to her. Showing Angel that hard work is what it takes to be a business owner and how dedicated he has been for so many years. This has brought a huge appreciation to Angel of those that operate a small business.

13:17 – Supporting Others

Angel is so passionate about helping other people and has a burning desire to help small businesses with a ‘pay as you can’ model in things that can help others needing resources to help them n their journey. So, watch this space.

16:58 – Angel’s Resources

Gallop organization – https://www.gallup.com/home.aspx

Tal Ben-Shahar – https://talbenshahar.com/

Simon Sinek – https://simonsinek.com/

Book – The Infinite Game – https://simonsinek.com/product/the-infinite-game/

21:35 – What Lights Angel Up

Human connection and helping people to clarify complexity.

24:03 – 5 Fun facts about Angel

Take a listen to Angel’s questions and great answers.

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