Media Kit


Looking for a speaker or presenter for starting a small business?

When considering a speaker for your event, you want someone that can engage with the audience, both face to face and virtually.

Virtually can be very challenging and sadly sometimes a bit mono-tone.  If this is what you’re looking for, sorry, mono-tone is not Kerry, as she can’t help but bring a energetic vibe to any occasion.

More about Kerry…

  • Director of Zinc Business Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Qualified BAS Agent/Bookkeeper
  • Experienced Graphic Designer
  • Website Designer
  • Organic Marketing Wizz
  • Automation
  • Over 20 years Business Experience
  • 8 years Dental Experience
  • Secretary/Event Manager – ACAS – Australasian Clear Aligner Society
  • Treasurer of Werribee River Association (voluntry)
  • Podcast Host – BizNation
  • Facebook Business Group – Micro & Small Business Support Group
  • Founder of Pod Collab – Podcasters Community
  • Podcast Host – BizNation
  • Educator of Small Business Owners

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